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Daily Archives: April 12, 2013

Spring Sprung!!!!

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When we weren’t looking. Everything started to pop open.

green eggs and ham and spring 023

Out of nowhere my weeping cherry went nuts. So did the tulips.

green eggs and ham and spring 069

Bulbs opening left and right. Hyacinth, hellesbores, daffodils, tulips. All the spring flowers beginning to bloom as the temperatures rise. I love spring. I plant things. Nurture them. Take pleasure in how fast they grow. I am really happy about my garlic in the garden, though. At least a baker’s dozen of garlic bulbs, which will be preceded by those lovely garlic scapes perfect for pesto.

spring flowers 2013 168

The ones in the pots didn’t do as well, so no pics of them. I should at least get spring garlic out of those. But, my chives came back very strong. Love them snipped off and added to dinner at the last moment.

spring flowers 2013 179

The lavender is coming back, too. I will clean out these boxes and add a few microgreen mixes. If you want to do something easy, plant a few herbs and microgreens in window boxes.

Working on a post about my “Out there” local meal, involving Breezy Willow eggs and local meats. It is spring in the midatlantic, and we are loving it.

green eggs and ham and spring 094