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Daily Archives: April 6, 2013

From Farm to Freezer – Larriland

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I don’t remember when I first heard about Larriland Farms, in Lisbon. They have been there for 50 years, ever since they sold their Guilford farm which became part of Columbia. They started the pick your own farm ten years later in 1973. We rarely got out there, until we moved here to west Howard County.

Now, they are just up the road.

larriland and hocohospital market 029

I was there for opening day of strawberry season in 2012. School was out that day and lots of families with their children were having fun picking strawberries.

larriland and hocohospital market 021

This was the year we picked strawberries and blackberries, and visited a few times to pick up goodies in their farm store. You don’t have to do all the work, you can just stop in and buy already picked delicacies. I picked almost 10 pounds of strawberries. You get the price break at twenty pounds.

larriland and hocohospital market 032

If you don’t have a garden and want to freeze veggies or fruits, this is the place to go. The Moore family runs the farm. It is so organized, and the fruit is amazing quality. Plus, they encourage noshing while you pick. This is close to ten pounds of strawberries.

larriland and hocohospital market 022

What did I do with them? Besides the fresh salad that day for lunch?

larriland and hocohospital market 051

Whole strawberries, strawberry puree frozen. I put the puree in wine, or club soda, or sangria. The jars I use to make berry vinaigrette. The frozen whole berries I drop in smoothies or juices. Same with the blackberries. This year, though, with my smaller garden I am looking to pick veggies. Can’t think of a better place to spend a few hours. I have begun monitoring their website to see when the 2013 season will start.

larriland and hocohospital market 013

Follow their site, or sign up for email newsletters. Anyway you look at it, these lovely fruits could be in your freezer.

larriland and hocohospital market 085