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Make Mine Mofongo

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Yes, I finally got around to making the plantains. Another item crossed off my Sixty@Sixty challenge. Lots of local goodies in the dinner. But, not those plantains.

england acres and cooking 008

The plantains were not green. Like the recipes call for. They were getting ripe. That just meant they were quicker to cook in the salted water. I have to admit I really liked this dish. It does need more garlic though. I think I underdid the garlic.

I also chose a recipe that called for putting the patties in a saute pan, and not for deep frying patties or balls. This one.

Sort of. I just did the second half of it. Not the chicken.

mofongo and eat local 049

Aren’t they great looking? There is local food in them too. The garlic. The bacon.

Served with a side salad, mostly local, and a local wine. I combined local dining with non-native ingredients. Making those foodie and locavore worlds collide.

mofongo and eat local 033

Tomatoes, arugula, wine and cauliflower all from local sources. I have been incorporating local items into many of our meals. Even when I go out there to try something new. I liked this version of mofongo. Less fat than deep fried. My husband said they needed more garlic. I agree.

By the way, the broth used in this recipe was made with those beef bones from England Acres. Awesome broth. Made yesterday.

mofongo and eat local 018

Beef bones, salt and water. Cooked down until rich. Refrigerated. When taken out, discard that fat layer and leave the clear broth. I used just a small amount of it. The rest will go into a gravy for gnocchi later this week.

I really have changed what I cook and how. It’s a great hobby in retirement. Learning to cook outside your native comfort zone.


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Retired, I am following my dream of living in quiet west Howard County, a rural oasis, not far from the urban chaos, but just far enough. I love to cook, bake, garden, and travel. I volunteer at Howard County Conservancy. I lead nature hikes, manage programs and show children all the wonders of nature, and the agricultural connection to their food.

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