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Daily Archives: October 1, 2012

Eating Locally: Day by Day

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I eat locally most of the time. Between the CSA and the farmer’s markets most of my food is local. Our challenge was to blog about a local meal. These days the CSA drives what I eat. Days with lots of local items are normal.

I made French onion soup in the crock pot the other day. Onions from the local market. Stock from the Briggs Chaney market. I put the soup away until today.

onions caramalized in a basic stock

I also had leftovers from my tomato sauce, CSA potatoes and Berkshire hog kielbasa. The kielbasa was from Shearer’s. Bought on a road trip to Gettysburg. Sometimes I forget to take pictures, but the food is definitely local.

The soup was covered with Canela bread. And Bowling Green Farm Smoked Gouda.

What I love most about how my cooking has evolved is the change to building a meal around local foods. Like those killer onions and that Bowling Green Smoked Gouda. Believe me. My husband said this cheese is like butter on a plate, but with smoke. This is an awesome cheese.

Find some at the Howard County markets.