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Daily Archives: October 3, 2012

Fall Markets, New Finds and Old Standbys

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Miller Library market has three weeks left after today. We are definitely kicking into fall. The best find today: Chestnuts

Love Dove Farm had chestnuts. It brought back huge memories for my husband. Of his dad roasting chestnuts over a coal stove. We will be roasting these on the grill tomorrow night. We also found fresh peppery arugula at his stand. I love arugula. That bite. That intense flavor when it is fresh.

My other big find was the order form from Stone House, where you can order pies, rolls and cakes to freeze and use all winter. We are no strangers to this great bakery. Love their dinner rolls, and their breads, like blueberry.

Once the markets are done, you can still find Stone House at local farms and events. Their brochure:

From TLV Farm, we picked up ground beef for the chili, fresh eggs, and the last of the local corn. Their corn is still sweet, even this late in the season.

If you live in East Columbia, check out the market tomorrow at the library. Friday at the hospital for west Columbia. Saturday the west countians come out to Glenwood. Sunday Oakland Mills. The markets end three weeks from Sunday. Get your best fall veggies and fruits while you can.


A Great Day for Lunch at Atwater’s

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Today turned out nicely. Instead of doing yard work, we decided to drive down to Atwater’s Bakery for lunch, and then hit the Miller Library market on the way home.

Today’s Tiffin Box Lunch included either mushroom or southwestern tomato corn. I had the mushroom. In the box, also, were oatmeal raisin cookies and a lovely chunk of rosemary roll.

creamy mushroom soup

the rosemary roll

We sat outside and watched the bustle of downtown Catonsville, then went in to pick up a sliced loaf of sourdough for my soups, and the chili I want to make Friday.

Atwater’s sourdough bread

I do like to sit outside the bakery and watch the world drive by. There were also a large number of people walking along Frederick Road, at 1 PM. Clearly, Catonsville is one of those places where there is a real sense of community. Many people walking up past us with purchases from the Wednesday farmer’s market, that goes from 10-1 on Wednesday mornings until the day before Thanksgiving.

A fun place to sit and people watch. The old post office building in Catonsville. And, yes, the “You Scream” sign is an ice cream store right up the road. For those who love to indulge. While in Atwater’s, you can also pick up Trickling Springs dairy products.

atwaters outdoor seating

I will get a post up later about the great finds at the Howard County Miller Library market today, like the FRESH CHESTNUTS from Love Dove. I do have to go make dinner now, though.