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Daily Archives: October 2, 2012

Beaucoup Precipitation

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In other words. Lots of rain. Good soaking rain. The kind that pushes us towards a normal year where we don’t have to worry about the well going dry. I am a weather junkie. I love our local weather site, at RIMPO, here in Dayton. As I write, it is telling me we got 1.67 inches of rain today. My gardens love it. Particularly, the mums.

And. the herb gardens, which still have rosemary and thyme on steroids. I will be pushing the limit before harvesting the rosemary to hang and dry. I don’t want to harvest the thyme, as I do like it fresh, and creative wind barriers will keep it going even if we get a few frosts in the next two months. These perennials come back every spring, unless a blizzard buries them.


English and silver thyme

The burning bushes have berries, and they are beginning to turn to that brilliant red.

burning bush

The marigolds are hanging in there. The sedum is also blooming out front.

The morning glories are giving up. They are putting out humongous amounts of seed pods, but the last blooms are fading fast. These plants are my best source to attract bees to the garden to pollinate my veggies. Even though they become a huge nuisance because they grow out of control, they do screen the garden and keep the honey bees and the bumblebees happy.

All in all, it was a fairly good summer in my gardens. The herbs went wild. The tomatoes did well, as did the cucumbers. I am about to plant 24 cloves of garlic this week, so next year I should get scapes, spring garlic and garlic to cure. This year I was too late and only got spring garlic. The cloves are ready to go in pots, and in the edge of the herb garden.

Here’s to rainy days, that nourish our gardens. And make our trees grow.


Thirty Months

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Two and a half years. Today. That’s how long I have been retired now. April Fool’s Day 2010 was my last day of work.

People told me I would get bored. I would want to come back as a rehired annuitant, or become what we called in DC, a beltway bandit. A contractor. But, that hasn’t happened. I have no desire to return to the work force.

My retirement “jobs” are way more fun. Jobs like volunteering at the Conservancy, and completing the HoLLIE program. I spent most of my career in DC and VA, while living in Howard County. Finally, I feel like I live here, instead of just sleeping and eating, between commuting and traveling for 30 years. I experienced some lovely days at places like Sharp’s Farm, with a talk about farming, and a guided hike by Denise Sharp. My interests in local foods and farms shaped my volunteer efforts for this past two years.

Denise Sharp, leading a hoLLIE hike on the farm

What is HoLLIE? Howard Legacy Leadership Institute for the Environment. I found out in 2011, when I completed the six weeks of lectures, field trips, reading and discussion, with 12 other class members. I did my internship at the Conservancy, where I am now a volunteer naturalist, leading field trips for local schools. Getting trained for it, using opportunities like a guided history tour of the property.

learning the history of the farmhouse at the Conservancy

I also am a member of the program committee. It was part of my placement to become a part of the committee and assist in planning Wonder Walks and other events. The cool thing about HoLLIE was learning more and more about local, regional, national and global concerns. But, we could focus on what mattered to us. Like for me, working with the local farmers, to bring programs to the Conservancy about their farms and food.

breezy willow at the glenwood market

Want to help the public school system with activities like the Our Environment in Our Hands activities for fourth graders, held at the fairgrounds? Or, volunteer at Robinson Nature Center, as the Gift Shop Leader, or maybe the Discovery Room Leader? Or, help keep the Patapsco clean by volunteering with the Friends of the Patapsco Valley? Or, with Parks and Rec?

All sorts of things for those of us who have retired, and want to still be useful. To make a difference. There is an information night being held at Miller Library, on October 9th, from 7 until 8:30 pm. Many graduates of the program will be there to talk about their experience.

If you are like me, retired and wanting to give to Howard County, check out this program. You can’t say you are bored if you do. My calendar is as full as I like it, with hikes and festivals and more.