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Daily Archives: October 10, 2012

Work Outside Wednesday

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Turns out that today was one of those lovely days. Warm, sunny. Perfect day to plant garlic. Half of it went into flower pots on the deck. The upper pots had flowers. The two lower ones were mint, which will stay there since mint is a perennial (or weed, depending on your perspective).

container garlic

I planted 12 cloves in the pots, and then moved over to a south facing area in the flower beds. Since garlic will be done by early June, I can leave it there and put something else in the ground once the garlic is harvested.

Another 12 cloves here. With the potential for 24 head of garlic next spring, we will be set, including those lovely scapes that I use for pesto.

I noticed that we have killer puffball mushrooms on the lawn, and something is definitely chowing down on them. Don’t know if they are edible or not. Whatever is eating them keeps coming back, as every day they are chewed down. But then, we do have a fair number of turkey vultures wandering around. Maybe whatever ate the mushrooms is in our field.

puffball mushrooms

The marigolds won’t quit. There is one bush that keeps getting larger and pumping out more plants.


The lavender is still awesome, as is the rosemary. The thyme continues to grow. I cross my fingers and let them get bigger, waiting for that perfect moment to harvest and dry.

Tomorrow is CSA day, but it also will be work day two this week, as we really need to tackle the power washing of our garage doors. They are getting quite a bit of wear, and they need a good fall cleaning.

At least while working outside we are graced with the explosion of yellow mums. It is interesting though, the orange ones that were also out front, seem to have disappeared. These are great, though.