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Daily Archives: October 17, 2012

Eating the Rainbow

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Eating by Color. An interesting book we discovered at Costco years ago. I use it all the time to find recipes from the CSA box.

Eating by Color, A Williams Sonoma Book

We first started paying attention to the types of fruits and veggies we should be eating, in order to control cholesterol, and get other health benefits. This book divides fruits and veggies into five color groups, and also includes a sixth group. That group is legumes, grains and nuts. Here is a link to a pdf file that includes the fruits and veggies only.

Today our lunch was a perfect example of eating most of the rainbow. Later in the post, I complete the rainbow at dinner.

Purple/blue, the first color, includes the blueberries in the dessert bread. Green shows up more than once, but is really present in the mixed greens in the soup. Because the apple was a green skinned apple, it is also included. White/tan, one of the choices that slows the absorption of cholesterol, shows up in the garlic and ginger in the soup. Red checks in via the chunky tomato sauce that I had made this summer and used in the soup. My chunky sauce also includes carrots, but not much, and onions, so orange and white make a tiny appearance in the soup via the sauce.

The black beans and the pistachios round out the legumes and nut category that the book includes. Again, nuts, legumes and whole grains help in our fight to avoid cancer.

Dinner completed the list. I tweaked my pumpkin hummus recipe to make it have a bit more zing, and made it again this afternoon. It includes the orange/yellow category with the pumpkin, and more legumes with the chickpeas, plus white/tan from the garlic.

pumpkin hummus

I happen to like the way the book assists me in using my CSA veggies and buying fruits to round out our diet. There are lots of other publications available on the web that outline good choices too. Like this one. Who doesn’t want to boost their immune system?

Oh yeah, the apple cider counts too. And, that glass of wine. Interesting, isn’t it?

Tomorrow is CSA day. I wonder what colors we will get this week.