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Daily Archives: April 30, 2012

Rhubarb Crumble

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Nothing says springtime like rhubarb. You either love it, or have no clue what to do with it. If we get strawberries soon, a strawberry rhubarb pie sounds great, but until then, rhubarb crumble is the ticket.

The other day, when I stopped at Boarman’s, these long beautiful stalks of rhubarb just jumped out and landed in my cart.

This was the same day I found the steamed shrimp. I brought it home and searched my apps for a good recipe.

The iPad is such an amazing toy. This Food Network recipe was simple, straightforward, and looked good. I didn’t follow it though. I substituted all over the place. And, I make a real mess when I bake. At cooking, I am organized. When I bake, the kitchen is a war zone.

Since I had to zest an orange for the recipe, I decided to use it plus some fennel, the last of the CSA beets, red onion, lemon olive oil, salt and pepper and make a salad to go with dinner.

The rhubarb crumble will be dessert later tonight when my hubby gets home from teaching. I will serve it with vanilla ice cream. Since joining a CSA and getting things like rhubarb in the box, like we did last year, I have become more adventurous in the kitchen. Have you cooked with rhubarb? What did you make?


Visiting Alex’s Snowball Stand in Lisbon … And Other Random Thoughts on West County Activities

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Yesterday morning I posted that we would be going out to Sharp’s Farm to buy plants. While we were out, my husband wanted to try the snowball stand in Lisbon to see how they measure up to Woodstock, his favorite place for summer treats.

We spent about 30-45 minutes picking out plugs at Sharp’s, and it is warm and humid in the greenhouses, so a snowball sounded good.

After we settled up, I carefully wedged the plants in the back of the truck, I didn’t want them sliding around in the bed of the pickup. As you notice in this picture, these are not the two dozen flower plugs I bought, these are the pole beans, cucumbers and a few more exotic varieties of heirloom tomatoes. Somehow they enticed me, and now I need to rethink what goes where in the garden. The 3 inch pots at Sharp’s are only $1.50, a very good price for plants this large.

So, where are the snowballs? They are here.

They also sell ice cream and Nathan’s hot dogs. They have a children’s play area around back.

They are on the circle in Lisbon just up from the Town Grill and on the way to Larriland Farms. A really convenient spot to stop for a cooling ice cream or snowball after picking strawberries this May.

On the way home we stopped into Western Regional Park to see how it had grown. There are now five miles of trails in the park, paved and natural surfaces.

Weekends in West County. You also have lots of options for picnics. There are three locations where you can pick up foods to go and have a day in this less crowded Howard County park.

There is Vittorio’s.

Casual Gourmet.

And, Smokin’ Hot.

All in all, a good trip today. I am monitoring the updates on when the strawberries will be ready to pick at Larriland. In the meantime, my husband gave his egg custard snowball from Alex’s a thumbs up, for putting more than enough flavoring in it, and for the taste. We will be going back.