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Daily Archives: April 23, 2012

Green Eggs and Ham Anyone? CSA Week 17

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Love the green eggs in the box.

We didn’t get ham, but we did get four Angus beef quarter pound burgers. Now, if it ever gets warm again, I will be grilling burgers and the asparagus from the box.

The leeks were humongous. One of them weighed 28 ounces, the two of them almost two and a half pounds.

Besides them, there were two beets. They weighed 26 ounces together.

I wanted citrus (oranges again) to make with the last of the fennel in the fridge, for a salad. And, I got some spring onions. Rounding it out were carrots. The half share, six items plus the last week of eggs. This weekend we will get our final delivery and then two weeks later we start our summer CSA, full share with Sandy Spring.

Zahradka was a good winter fit for us. A little too many potatoes, I think. In the future, I have to think about what I order when. And, I know the eggs need to get used faster. I am learning from this experience.

A nice range of veggies here, ready to be used. The beets, roasted to use with the last of the spinach and the greens from my garden.

Maybe beets and orange and spring onions with a vinaigrette. Asparagus grilled after being wrapped in Boarman’s bacon. All sorts of possibilities here.

Since it got cold again, the other half of the family wants soup, so the carrots and leeks will go into soup. I will have to stop at Roots and get celery and maybe turnips to use in a soup. I do have cranberry beans. I also have CSA sausage left in the freezer.

Looks like another week of avoiding those large chain grocery stores thanks to local farmers, Roots and Boarman’s. Who needs Giant Foods? Not me.

By the way, I stopped the other day on Howchow’s recommendation and scored a loaf of Monk Rye Bread for us, on a Friday, so they had enough left from the Thursday delivery. Soup with bread. YUM!

Soup from sausage, greens and beans