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Daily Archives: April 25, 2012

What I Scored at Boarman’s Today

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I have written before about how I love Boarman’s. Today was another of those days when you walk in and find a real treat.

21-25 count shrimp

I had to buy some. They looked so good in the case. I also picked up other meats and some bread and mushrooms to use with the beef broth I made yesterday and do a soup if it rains this weekend.

What I also love about going to Boarman’s is that one stop shopping thing. Where else can you get beer, milk and hard liquor in Maryland? I know some places in Montgomery County have beer and wine licenses, but Boarman’s also sells hard liquor.

Today I just caved in and bought some local beer.

I used the shrimp at dinner tonight. They were awesome. Check out Boarman’s. A family owned store in West HoCo.


Update on Brighton Dam Azalea Gardens

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Today on my way to Boarman’s, I detoured to see how the azaleas are doing.

I think they are pretty close to their peak right now. The gardens are absolutely lovely and today for 30 minutes, I was the only one there.

Well, except for our pollinating friends.

There are so many varieties there. I can’t pick my favorite but this one comes close. I love the yellow tint in the center of the flower.

Some of the flowers have fallen, the earlier blooming varietals. And, some haven’t even opened yet.

If you go during the week, you can have the entire picnic area to yourself.

Except for the workers down at the dam.

It is such a lovely spring day, this is the place to be.

The views from here are worth the drive out Brighton Dam Rd. They are open every day.