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Daily Archives: April 7, 2012

A Jug of Wine, A Loaf of Bread, And Thou

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From Omar Khayyam, the phrase from the Rubaiyat that resonates with me.

Today was one of those lovely spring days. No, we did not want to do yard work. Or spring clean up. We went first to look at the chicks and pick up bird seed.

Then, we did what I haven’t done since fall.

Drove up to Black Ankle for lunch.

Now, it may be one of the closest wineries to us in West County, but the roads will test your car’s shock absorption ability. Unless you take the long way round. On the paved roads.

Black Ankle Road isn’t paved. We actually came home on the short cut, but went up the longer route.

They are out of whites until late May. It is a tribute to those who love good wine, that this young MD winery sells out their whites every year. Nothing left. The winery is beautiful, a green building with straw walls and a planted roof. Cows in the meadow below the patio.

Here is where the Friday night music is played. Where we usually come to picnic and listen. Today for lunch we watched the cows and the tractor while enjoying local cheese made in Easton MD, some mixed olives and a good bottle of Rolling Hills.

Picked up a few bottles and wandered on home to enjoy another lovely MD spring day. If you live in Howard County and want to spend some time relaxing in a lovely setting, this is a day trip worth taking.


Baby Chicks at Tractor Supply

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This weekend is baby chick weekend at Tractor Supply. The ad came in the mail the other day. Last year was the first year we were up there when the pens full of little fuzzy ones were set up in the back of the store.

You have to buy a minimum of six. You also have to give them information when you check out. I took a couple of pics but they weren’t clear enough to post. I know that some people believe the chicks are there for Easter pets, but they aren’t. There are pullets if you want egg layers and there are also meat chickens.

There were four black wyandottes left. I really wanted to buy them, but I need a sturdy coop to keep the fox from getting to them. Maybe next year.

Tractor Supply was hopping today. Lots of folks buying seeds and plants. Trailers, too. And, lots of equipment being demonstrated.

I buy much of my bird seed there, too. They have the best prices for basic seed, and not a bad price on the shell free seed that I put up near the patio. Don’t want husks up there. Particularly, since the birds like to shove things off to get to their favorites.

Saturday at Tractor Supply. A West County destination.