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Daily Archives: October 12, 2013

One Busy Saturday

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Saturday in this part of the world can be lazy, frantic, or somewhere in between.

Today was pretty busy. Conservancy, Breezy Willow and home, cooking and cleaning. At least cleaning up the mess made when cooking.

Today we had one absolutely amazing morning (me, the presenters and 74 other visitors) where we shared snakes, turtles, worms and owls with the guests at our monthly free event.

I’m not sure what I liked most. The snakes, or the owls.


The snake was pretty impressive, but so was the screech owl.


After I left there, I headed up to Breezy Willow to get some things, including eggs and cheese (oh, and killer ice cream) to supplement the CSA.


I now have a new favorite flavor. Honey Lavender.

Back home, to do some clean up after all the rain, and to make something new for dinner.

More on the food tomorrow. Today, it was all about the creatures.



So. Who’s cuter. Ranger or the alpaca?