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Daily Archives: October 8, 2013

Lunch at Facci

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Time to go check out the first of the new restaurants out here in the western part of the county. Although Turf Valley isn’t that far west, and the address is Ellicott City, it still is one of the closest restaurants for those of us living off I-70 beyond Marriottsville Road.

facci and sunsets 040

I didn’t take my camera in, just ended up using my husband’s phone to take a couple of pictures of lunch.

I chose to have insalata and an antipasti (appetizer).

The salad.

facci and sunsets 042

photo (3)

Portobello, very nicely done.

The appetizer of polpette consisted of four large meatballs. I only finished two of them and saved the rest.

photo (4)

Tuesday is half price wine day at Facci. So, we ordered a nice bottle of Sangiovese, each had a glass and brought the rest home to have with dinner. As it turns out, the portions at Facci are so large, we ended up bringing home half my lunch, and about a third of my husband’s entree.

It made for an easy dinner tonight. Meatballs, leftover bolognese, mixed together with some of my roasted garlic, and supplemented with tomato paste, chicken stock, cremini mushrooms and olives. It worked out.

Next time my husband wants to try the clam pizza.

The decor is lovely. The private dining room in the back is going to be used for special events like a traditional Piedmont Menu paired with an array of Italian wines, a tiramisu competition, and grappa to finish. Looks interesting. We may have to sign up for the special events occasionally.

I think I found another place we like to eat, adding them to our favorites, Iron Bridge and Bistro Blanc. Now, can’t wait for Xitomate and Grille 620 to open.