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Daily Archives: October 2, 2013

A Mess of Mustard Greens

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I wanted something fairly easy for dinner tonight. Like store bought chicken. Picked up after my morning stint with an elementary field trip out at the Conservancy.

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I was on “Owl Observation” duty.

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Describing habitats and running back and forth from meadow to forest. It was a fun exhausting 4 hours, from arrival and set up to clean up. Still a great deal of fun. But I didn’t want to do much cooking when I came home at 2 pm and collapsed with a huge glass of iced water. It is still warm out there, even if it is October.

CSA veggies to the rescue. I had leftover spaghetti squash, chicken from Harris Teeter, and it was simple to cook up a mess of mustard greens. Like ten minutes simple.

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The layering of the flavors first. Start with any sort of fat. Butter, chicken fat, olive oil, whatever makes you happy, and that is hanging around. Add onions and/or scallions. I had both in the fridge. Add some “porky” flavor. For me, that last 3-4 ounces of Italian sausage from Breezy Willow. The other day, I roasted all the sweet and hot peppers from the CSA. They are in the fridge too. Three of them went in the pan. Three cloves of my roasted garlic (always in the fridge too). Let it all get soft and simmering. Add some grated ginger, some cayenne flakes, some salt. Maybe if you have it, some sesame oil. A bit more liquid, like a few tablespoons of olive oil, then pour in a mess of greens.

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I forgot to do the after picture, once all the greens cooked down, but it surely tasted great. I never used to eat mustard greens when I was younger. Now, I am loving them.

Easy dinner, earlier than normal, but I will be propping up my sore feet and having a glass of wine while watching TV.

Here’s to many more easy meals, after sunny days running around outdoors.

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