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Daily Archives: October 14, 2013

The Last Harvest

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Of the garden. And of the computer. I mentioned last week that my PC seized up and told me my Operating System was corrupted.

My husband did manage to retrieve all the 59 Gbytes of pictures, finally. And, another 50 Gbytes of scans, downloads, pdfs, tax files, and pst files from Outlook.

Now I am putting together a new PC. But, currently, using his laptop for my blogging.

Today I also went out there and made the last garden harvest. Made a three basil pesto with the Thai, African blue and Genovese basils in the garden.


Almost two cups of basil. I was really surprised to see that much still growing in the yard, and in the pots by the back door.


Each basil is unique. The Thai, very spicy, the African, very peppery, and the Genovese, lemony.

I got an 8 ounce jar to put in the freezer, and about 3 ounces to use on Naan with dinner later this week.

I also harvested the Thelma Sanders squash. The lone squash.


I think this squash will be decorative. It never really got big enough. I will harvest the seeds and try again next year. Much reading to do this winter to see what I did wrong.

I will be planting garlic this week. And harvesting the last rosemary to dry, and the sage. Oh, there is still some ruby chard out there. Maybe another frittata, with chard and herbs.

Last summer was really challenging. I have to re-think where I plant next spring.

As for dinner, I did roast some cauliflower, and also made another spaghetti omelet.


Cauliflower with Indian spice. Omelet with feta. Not bad for a Monday night.