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Daily Archives: October 29, 2013


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What’s new in the world of warehouse shopping? Had my quarterly (or longer) trip over to COSTCO, mainly for allergy meds, toilet paper, aluminum foil, basic spices and nine volt batteries for the smoke detectors.

As usual, I find interesting things I decide to impulse buy. Like the pomegranates.


We are addicted to the pomegranate seeds. But, at $4-5 each (at Wegmans), we didn’t indulge much. Today I found a six pack for $13.99, which is a real bargain for something so much fun to eat.

We love them with yogurt, or on salads, or just to snack. I picked up some of our favorite Pequea Valley yogurt last weekend, vanilla, to pair with my spiced apples (made from those Larriland apples). Vanilla and pomegranate are a good match, too.

I also picked up a six pack of red peppers, to put on the grill.


There will be some ajvar made with these. As well as some roasted red pepper hummus. We have eggplant from the CSA for the ajvar.

Another major find this visit was the return of Pacific organic roasted red pepper and tomato soup. It isn’t always there. It is a staple to thicken soups that need a tomato kick, without sacrificing my stash of tomatoes and/or sauce.

I was looking to purchase some tuna to grill. The weather has been lovely. They didn’t have any tuna today. I picked up a couple of packs of wild halibut. One of my favorite white fleshed fish.


Seasoned with mustard, peach vinaigrette, pepper and thyme. Drizzled with lemon olive oil. Perfect with fingerlings and broccoli.


We don’t get to COSTCO often, now that it is 16 miles away. It is always a treat to go there and discover what’s new. And, stock up on staples and pantry items. And, nuts for Christmas cookie baking. It is getting close to that time, we know.