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Daily Archives: August 7, 2013

Life Skills

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Every year we spend more time at the Fair watching the 4H club members show and care for their animals. Every year I marvel at just how mature, responsible and talented these children are. I can’t believe how poised, articulate, and unflustered they are, even when their animals don’t always behave.

Today we watched the junior swine judging.

4h fair some food and tomatoes 019

These are the eight year olds.

The other day we watched the Jersey cattle show.

hoco fair opening day 013

Tomorrow we will be there watching the sheep. Today there was quite a bit of grooming going on.

4h fair some food and tomatoes 006

I also had to wander over and take pictures of the pygmy goats that are being raised by friends of ours.

4h fair some food and tomatoes 007

If you go to the fair, don’t just spend time on the midway. Head down here.

4h fair some food and tomatoes 002

Stop in and watch the 4Hers take care of their animals. They are truly learning life skills. How to be responsible. How to gracefully lose. How to gracefully win.

Worth the price of admission.