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Daily Archives: August 10, 2013

Three Times a Lady

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Lionel Richie.

greenfest 015

Thirty four years ago tonight, this song was the one that I remember from a get together of a church social group. The one that my now husband, then newly met acquaintance, asked me to dance to, at the California Inn.

Thirty three years ago, yesterday, we danced to it at our wedding.

Tonight we went out for our anniversary. We had a gift card for Ruth’s Chris.

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Not that a gift card will cover your meal there, if you get drinks, dessert and wine. But, still, a chance to have “date night” and compare restaurant food with my own.

The tally. I do better steak. Better salads. They do one awesome seared ahi appetizer with Asian accents. They also rock the creme brulee.

I told my husband we need to reserve somplace special on December 9th. On that night we will have been married a third of a century (I know, I am a math geek).

Not a bad Saturday night. By the way, the Ruth’s Chris in Pikesville is quite nice. The closest one to us. Small, but very nicely done inside, and with an outside dining area. Service was excellent. We will go back. Maybe just for appetizers, interesting cocktails, and killer desserts. Try the cucumber collins. It was impressive.