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Daily Archives: August 4, 2013

Day Trippin’ Again

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Almost a ritual now. Hamfest followed by winery. Today in Clarke County.

berryville and doukenie 005

Berryville VA. One of our favorite “hamfests” to attend. Small town. Ruritan BBQ. Lots of radio tailgaters, selling everything and anything.

berryville and doukenie 004

We pair the visits. He gets to wander around the antique equipment aisles and I get to visit a winery later, for lunch.

berryville and doukenie 002

Today it was Doukenie, a new one for me.

berryville and doukenie 013

After all, you can’t beat the view. Doukenie is just east of Charles Town WV and south of Lovettsville, across the Potomac from Brunswick.

berryville and doukenie 021

We did a tasting, bought some sopressatta, smoked cheddar, a baguette and a couple of glasses of red wine, and watched the geese on the pond.

Took home a few bottles of their sauvignon blanc, which is nice, and some riesling and chardonnay. They have nice clean wines, and a beautiful site for picnics.

berryville and doukenie 027

Yes, it was 75 degrees, no humidity, perfect weather. Are you sure it is still summer?