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… and other random thoughts on a Friday evening.

It is the beginning of chicken season out at England Acres. The first 100 were processed this week and by now may all be gone. If you want to try some really tasty chicken, try free range birds from the local farms. England Acres offers them every four weeks all summer.

csa week nine, EA and flowers 094

The chickens range in size from four to six pounds. If you want to use them frozen, directly into the crock pot like I do, you need to take out that plastic bag with the giblets and heart, and take out the neck. Those pieces I use to make chicken stock. If you are going to grill or roast the chicken, just pop them right into the freezer and worry about that bag later.

Besides England Acres, other local farms also do chickens. TLV will have them at the markets. Breezy Willow gets them. Clark’s also has chickens in season. Of course, also, Maple Lawn has frozen turkey all year round, and fresh ones for Thanksgiving and Christmas. You can certainly eat naturally raised, farm fresh goodness from all over this area.

csa week nine, EA and flowers 062

If you get the chance to head out to England Acres, say hi to the five little kids in the yard. They are happy for visitors and practically climb over each other to see you.

csa week nine, EA and flowers 069

Other ramblings this weekend. The Sheep and Wool Festival is Saturday and Sunday. I hope to get there but we have guests coming both days. I know Breezy Willow will be there. They will be in the main exhibition hall.

early bird csa week 8 and conservancy pilot 106

The weather should be lovely all weekend. Markets are opening everywhere. I saw that Love Dove will be in Silver Spring Saturday. I will probably check out Burtonsville Sunday morning to see who goes there. Not that I really need anything, but I would love to find some ramps or fiddlehead ferns. I have never cooked with either of them. Asparagus should be here, and soon strawberries.


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