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It sounds way better than leftovers. But, lasagna is one of those things that just gets better the second time you bake it. Crispier. Richer.

local dinner with breaux 011

I made this a mostly local dinner tonight. For my Winter Eat Local Challenge. I had major locally produced elements throughout the dinner.

local dinner with breaux 003

Like the bread. Semolina from the indoor winter Olney market, now out the Sandy Spring Museum on Sunday mornings. Canela Bread. The wine. A 2001 Breaux Nebbiolo, from Virginia. The salad greens from Our House, again the Olney market. The feta on the salad. Bought at England Acres from Apple Tree Goat Dairy. One of the farms from Lancaster Farm Fresh. England Acres is buying items from the cooperative that supplies my summer and fall CSA.

The lasagna wasn’t local. That is true. Except for the eggs in it. And, the mozzarella. I am now using local items in almost every meal, although I rarely have been making what we would call the 100% meals we did when I did last year’s Dark Days Challenge. I have evolved my shopping and my cooking to include local items during breakfast, lunch and dinner. Every meal has some farmer supplied items in it.

Big change from how I shopped, cooked and ate just a few years ago. As for dinner tonight. The wine was fully mature. Nebbiolo isn’t common in this area. Breaux is one of the few wineries that grows this grape in our area. But, now that Dave Collins left Breaux and is soon to open his own winery in Maryland, we hear that he is planting Nebbiolo in Washington County.

His 2001 Breaux offering is elegant, reminiscent of the Barbarescos we have had. Not anywhere near the weight of a Barolo (nor anywhere near the price of one), this is a lovely wine. We had two bottles from many of his vintages. 2000, 2001 and 2002. Drinking well now, but could still stand some more time.

local dinner with breaux 029

I look forward to this new winery opening. It will be a welcome addition for the locapours around here. As for the dinner tonight, the pairing of lasagna with Nebbiolo is a very good match.

local dinner with breaux 017

The rest of the lasagna is now residing in the freezer, to be brought out in a few weeks when I get an urge for Italian food, and can open a Breaux or a Barboursville Italian style wine from “just down the road a piece”.


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  1. I agree that lasagna is better the second day but I usually add a little more tomato sauce to the dish before I heat it a second time.


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