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Daily Archives: November 17, 2012

Restaurant Quality Dinners

What would you pay in a restaurant for a really good steak salad?

steak salad

My husband really loved dinner tonight. Simple, elegant, sort of. We had one leftover package of meat in the freezer from last winter’s CSA. It needed to be eaten. It was a skirt steak from our Zahradka CSA, sourced from JW Treuth’s in Oella. I marinated it in olive oil and red wine vinegar and added a coffee based dry rub.

Put together a salad of arugula, microgreens, scallions, tomatoes and added a potato with tzatziki on the side. The salad base is the key. Fresh organic arugula and microgreens from Roots. Scallions from the CSA. Tomatoes were from Costco. I mixed some very old balsamic and olive oil from St. Helena Oil in California to drizzle over it. With this base, dinner only needed a small amount of the slightly rare, dark and juicy steak, and half a potato with the tzatziki on the side.

With the dinner we opened a 2009 Petit Verdot, a signature grape being cultivated in Virginia. This was a cellar selection from Breaux. A lovely fat wine. A good salad under a beautiful skirt steak. A little carbohydrate in the potato we shared. Looked like a restaurant meal to me.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to drive over to Oella, right next to The Breadery, you really need to try Treuth’s beef. Outstanding stuff.


The End of the Season

Planning for Thanksgiving? You still have one more chance to get in on local goodness supporting our farmers. Oakland Mills market Sunday morning from 9 am until 12:30 pm. The final day of the market until the spring.

I hit Glenwood today. Four of the Glenwood vendors will be at Oakland Mills tomorrow morning. If you do nothing else, getting apples from the customer appreciation sale by Lewis Orchards is worth the trip. Ten dollars for half a bushel and you can mix two types. I like Fuji because they are good eating apples and will work for applesauce and pies.

Half bushel Fuji apples

I got some fresh cider from them also. They were doing a brisk business today, as you can see by the stack of upturned 1/2 bushel baskets. I was in line about five deep when I first got there to get the apples. It was good to see each vendor doing a decent business with cars coming in. I was there before 10 am. When I left the cars were still pretty constant coming in.

I got eggs and a ham hock from TLV. I know I can continue to get them out at the farm. Honey from Breezy Willow. And, a pecan pie for one of the desserts I will take to my family’s Thanksgiving dinner, from Stone House. The eggs are for my Christmas baking, which I will be starting the weekend after Thanksgiving.

TLV, Stone House, Cosmic Bean and Lewis will be at Oakland Mills. I don’t know about the produce vendors there, or whether Great Harvest will be there. Zahradka and Breezy Willow were doing a brisk business today, with people getting veggies for their holiday meals. Lots of broccoli and cauliflower. Squashes. Brussels sprouts on the stalk.

Stone House will be around for a while at TLV, during Christmas tree cutting season. Check their site to see which days. I got my pecan pie today that just needs a quick heat up in the oven. All sorts of pies, cakes, cookies, cupcakes and breads. I have two loaves of their specialty breads in my freezer to heat up with soups.

A big thanks to all our local vendors and farmers, who have given us almost seven months of markets here in the county. I know I appreciate them being here, and hope to see them all next spring.