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Daily Archives: November 25, 2012

Christmas Tree Weather

That’s what today brought us. The kind of day that makes you want to traipse out and get your Paul Bunyan posing done while chopping down your tree and dragging it across the fields. A little cold, about 40 degrees. Sunny. There were certainly lots of people out at TLV Tree Farm this afternoon.

The farm is right down the road from us. I stopped in this afternoon to see what lengths of pine and fir roping they had. I will be framing our doors with it. I also did pick up some Chesapeake spread to nibble on while watching the Ravens. And, of course, bread and rolls from Stone House.

The basic wreaths, undecorated were out front with the roping. There are lots of decorated wreaths and other craft items throughout the building. Santa was there too, in a sleigh, posing for pictures with all the little ones. The Dayton 4H club also is selling food.

It is easy to get to the farm from Columbia. Take Harper’s Farm until it crosses Rte. 108 in Hobbits Glen. It becomes Homewood. Just keep going straight. The road will change name at the first circle, becoming Folly Quarter. Continue straight through the circle. A few miles later, past Glenelg Country School and Triadelphia Rd merges in. Keep going straight, across the bridge over Rte. 32 and straight again through the circle at the Royal Farms. Lots of people taking advantage of the good gas prices there, with their trees strapped to the tops of their cars. We do have good gas prices out here.

Just a few more miles down the road, past some McMansions and a few farms. Then just at the sharp bend where Triadelphia becomes Triadelphia Mill, the tree farm.

Acres of trees on both sides of the property. Bring strollers if you have little ones. There is a map near the entrance telling you where the trees are located, by type.

We have probably traipsed the entire farm over the years we have bought trees here. This year we will head out on a weekday when it isn’t as crowded and it is easy to get one of the tree haulers. To me it really is Christmas when I get my tree and bring it in to decorate. The farm is open every day until the 23rd of December.

Now, the Ravens game is beginning. I will be heating up some turkey later to serve sandwiches on my favorite rolls from Stone House. Turkey sandwiches, Chesapeake spread from Bowling Green adding a little heat and cheese to the sandwiches, and maybe some popcorn from my CSA stash. Sounds like a cozy Sunday night to me.

Stone House Bakery’s rolls – so good!