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Daily Archives: November 7, 2012

Ugly Food Does Taste Better

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There is a web site out there, at least one, named Ugly Food Tastes Better. I have to heartily agree. Sometimes the messiest looking dinners taste the best.

Tonight I did another brinner. You know, breakfast for dinner. Mostly local. It proves you can eat well using locally sourced items, even in the fall when the weather is bad.

Omelet with local veggies in it. Local sausage, and local bread. The bread, Atwater’s rosemary Italian, toasted and drizzled with brown butter. The sausage, TLV farms pork sizzlers with sage. The omelet. TLV eggs with Roots domestic parmesan, and a hash brown mix made with TLV potatoes, CSA green pepper and onion.

Most of the dinner slow cooked in the oven while we worked outside. The bacon, from Boarman’s was also in there so I could have bacon for salads and for soups. It was smoked bacon bought a while back.

sausage, bacon and hash browns slow cooking

I also added mushrooms from Mother Earth, a PA company. They were bought at Boarman’s too. As the omelet cooked, I added all the goodies down the middle.

The omelet was perfectly cooked in butter bought at Baugher’s. Not completely local, but from Troyer’s, an Amish company in Ohio. The browned butter left in the pan was soaked up by the toast made with Atwater’s bread.

Not a bad way to have dinner. And, to celebrate the snow looking to miss us. Thankfully.


A Snow Sky

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After a lovely day yesterday, today we wake to a prediction of snow. Don’t know how much, but whatever we get, it won’t hang around long if the temperatures rise to the 50s and 60s like they are supposed to reach over the weekend.

I gave the ornamental grasses their fall pruning. I have one left to do. Otherwise, they blow all over the property. We also did a massive leaf cleanup during the lovely weather yesterday. The piles sit waiting for our rake and take compost partner to pick up in her truck sometime soon. She hauled away almost this much yesterday. At least our leaves are turning into compost for gardens. Some of it here. Some of it just down the road from us, at our partner’s home.

If you live out here in west county, and don’t get yard waste removal, like us, consider partnering with the county rake and take program to turn your leaves into compost. Our partner has lots of conifers, but not the deciduous trees needed for that brown component for compost. The yard is getting bare of leaves, with the exception of our maple, which is just turning now.

Besides the leaves and the sky, today I found new residents feasting on the suet. It has been a while since we have seen the red breasted nuthatches. Two of them have been here lately, and one was on the far side of the suet while I was taking leaf pictures. The other, in the tree above, was a little harder to photograph.

red breasted nuthatch

Did you know that the nuthatches are the only birds that can travel head first down the side of a tree? This picture is a little blurry, but you get the action.

Now that I have had a coffee break, and downloaded the morning pictures, it’s time to get back out there and cut back the last of the ornamental grasses. I left the largest one for last. But still, all in all, spending the day outdoors enjoying the fall foliage left on the property, is one of the simple pleasures of living out here.

Here’s to the weekend looking as lovely as yesterday. If you get the chance, head outside this weekend to an outdoor event, or to one of the markets. Here’s the Ellicott City calendar.