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Daily Archives: November 4, 2012

Making Meals Mine

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Putting my signature on them. Using items I grew or made. Tonight’s dinner reflected that. All three elements included foods from my garden or my freezer.

We wedged dinner between football games and finishing a radio contest, so it was mostly leftovers, but not without my input. The joy of having a garden and of preserving foods lets me add my signature by placing at least one ingredient in each dish from my resources.

The salad. The microgreens from today’s visit to Olney. Topped with my last pineapple tomato from the garden.

I opened up the brown bag in the laundry room today and found a ripe tomato inside. Believe it or not, that bag ripened heirloom had more taste than many store bought tomatoes could ever have. The rest of the tomatoes went back into the bag. If they get close to ripe, there will be a green tomato pasta on the menu soon. I have oodles of pesto.

Speaking of pesto, it made its way onto the top of the focaccia, to add some flavor and even more depth to it. The pesto was made with African blue basil from my garden.

Then, the soup. Potato leek made the other day. Veggie broth as a base. The broth made with CSA veggies and put away in the freezer. The fresh garden touch. Chives from my window boxes that sit on my deck railing. With the freeze warning tonight, they may bite the dust, but they did brighten up the soup.

Sometimes it is the little things that make a meal. For me, it is the satisfaction of including foods from my garden into those basic leftover meals. So worth it.


On a Mission for MicroGreens …

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… and a turkey order for Thansgiving.

I wanted microgreens. Was sorry that Breezy Willow didn’t make yesterday’s Glenwood Market, as I know they generally have them. It is one of the items I buy from them often. That meant, if I wanted organic, I could hit Roots or go to Olney. Our House Farm sells organic veggies at the Olney market. Today was the last day of the Sunday morning farmer’s market and artisan fair. I got my greens fix and I’m happy.

With the rest of these goodies I will be making salad with dinner tonight. Check out my last heirloom home grown pineapple tomato, bag ripened in the laundry room. It, along with Our House Farm scallions, a hothouse cucumber from another Olney market stall, some sliced mushrooms and the last of the CSA radishes will be a big part of tonight’s dinner.

Dinner tonight will be salad, focaccia and the end of my potato leek soup that I made last week. The mushrooms in the picture were picked up at Boarman’s, where I stopped off to put in my Maple Lawn Farm turkey order. We always order our turkey at Boarman’s and pick it up the day before Thanksgiving. That way we also put in an order for sausage to make dressing, and this year I got some shrimp. You can put together an order and just arrive there and pay. We tried the craziness of getting onto Maple Lawn Farm, and this is way easier.

If you live anywhere in Howard County and want fresh turkey that can’t be beat, Maple Lawn is the place to get it. My turkey before and after, from last year.

my 2011 whole fresh turkey

oven roasted fresh turkey

Now, all I need to do is get going on making my sauerkraut. Hope we get cabbage from the CSA soon. My kraut usually needs at least a week to be the way I like it.