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Savoring That Killer Dill

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Yep, the monster stealth cucumbers. Two of the last. I tried an experiment with them, and it seems to have worked. The one from July and another from August, both started out in the crock, but I moved them into their own large container with a fresh batch of dill pickling spices.

monster dill pickle

This one, found in August, was hard and white, so it really crisped up in the pickling spices. The other one, pictured in my July post about the garden, had higher moisture and developed differently. Lots of taste but no real crunch.

sliced open dill pickle

The rest of the little pickles were taken out of the crock a while back, and put into jars sealed with a hot water bath. They are in the fridge, three of them, to use in the next few months. I keep them in the fridge because they seem to remain crisp that way.

I bought two crocks this summer in Ohio at Zanesville Pottery. One for sauerkraut and one for pickles.

my bluebird crock looks like this

They are put away waiting for my first cabbage in the CSA, which according to the email that just arrived, will be today. Talk about timing. I need to unpack and set up the kraut crock, which is a two gallon crock. There will be posts in the near future to see how I make this year’s kraut. I want to do a few batches so I can bring homemade kraut to Thanksgiving dinner.

making sauerkraut

Now, I need to find recipes for the delicata squash and the daikons coming today. The CSA post with pictures will be up later today. Off to pick it up soon.

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