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Daily Archives: August 21, 2012

Fall Plann(t)ing

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Planning on planting for the fall? It is time to get started. I was looking at Victoria’s great garden pictures over on The Soffrito. Planting in containers for the fall is a great way to extend the season. These were my spring greens. I will do the same for fall. I plant them in a protected corner and put netting over them to deter the bunnies.

Mixed greens

I also saw an awesome recipe while watching The Chew today. I was in the midst of helping my husband with a filing project and had the TV on after the noon news. What to do with green tomatoes? We will soon be at that stage of harvesting the last of the summer goodies. My planning includes creative ways of using up some of the ones that don’t ripen, before ripping out the plants and putting in kale and arugula. I will be freezing slices of the large ones to make fried green tomatoes, and freezing any little ones to make this spaghetti recipe.

Besides all that, I need to get a few more heads of garlic from the CSA that can go in the containers once I remove the flowers from the summer. After planting in October, I will heavily mulch them to survive the winter.

Organic garlic, perfect for planting this fall

The CSA has announced that Columbia will be a location for the fall extension of the CSA, so we will have fresh veggies in November and December. Check out the Sandy Spring site to see if you want to join us. Fall veggies like carrots, potatoes, greens, pumpkins and other squash varieties are great to use in stews, soups and crock pot dinners. What could be better than this in December?

CSA basket from last December

Sounds like I need to check on my topsoil supply and get a few more bags of mulch to mulch the garlic. And, run out to some of the nurseries to see what they have for fall planting. Maybe fennel?