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Daily Archives: August 9, 2012

The Tomato Tsunami – CSA Week Fourteen

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Six pounds of tomatoes. That’s what we got today, not counting the cherry tomatoes. The CSA pickup had some new things and just what we need to make salsas. Peppers and tomatoes.

Sandy Spring CSA Week 14 – Full Share

The list, with approximate cost to buy at MOM’s or Roots.

1 Bag Red Roma Tomatoes, three pounds $9
1 Bunch Curly Parsley (I swapped for three more ears of corn)
1 Pint Red Cherry Tomatoes, $3
1 French Cherantais Melon (French Cantaloupe), $5
6 Ears Sweet Corn (due to swap box), $3
1 Bunch Red Beets, $4
1 Bag Mixed Sweet Peppers, $3
1 Bag Red Tomatoes, three pounds, $9
1 Pint Baby Mixed Sweet Peppers, $4
1 Bag Poblano Peppers, $4
1 Bag Red Potatoes, 2 pounds, $4

Total cost to buy, approximately $48. Cost of CSA, $29.75 per week. Again, way ahead on price, but that’s because organic tomatoes aren’t cheap.

The French melon is adorable, and not found anywhere I have looked. I know specialty melons are costly, so estimated it.

Cherantais Melon

I will be roasting peppers and making salsa, as well as freezing some of them. We got a lovely mix this week. The poblanos are always one of my favorites.

Poblano peppers

Add to the CSA the glut of tomatoes on the windowsill and I will be canning tomatoes this weekend.

Amish Paste, Chocolate Stripes and Legend Heirlooms