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Daily Archives: August 17, 2012

The Ultimate Fifteen Minute Gourmet Dinner …

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… courtesy of Wegmans and my garden. Scallops. I love them and Wegmans has great day boat scallops.

Pan searing sea scallops

Add to that my tomatoes and basil, and my green beans mixed with some romano beans from the CSA, you too could have a killer dinner in 15 minutes.

Fifteen minute local based dinner

The potatoes were microwaved. They came from my CSA. The beans were steamed, then finished in the pan with butter and the scallops. The mozzarella came from Roots. The chocolate stripes tomatoes were from my garden, as was the blue basil.

The wine, Linden, of course. Local, and beyond words. 2009 was a banner year in the area. Hot, dry, and conditions were perfect to make big wines. This Boisseau Chardonnay had the characteristics of a good California chardonnay. Big, bold, a perfect match to the creaminess of the scallops. From start to finish, this dinner was fifteen minutes to make.

Linden VA chardonnay from a great vintage

Dinner cost less than $45, including wine. $25 for wine. $12 for scallops. A few dollars for vegetables, olive oil, marinade and butter. Why go out for dinner when a few minutes with a frying pan will reward you with a dinner this good?