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Daily Archives: August 25, 2012

Markets and Farms

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I had intended to do a mid summer look at what is happening at local markets and farms, but somehow the month of August got away from me. We are two thirds of the way through the Howard County market season, which will wind down the end of October. I have visited three of the five producer only markets in the county, with most of my visits to Miller Library and HCGH. The other location is Glenwood on Saturdays. Not living near East Columbia, I haven’t been to Cradlerock or Oakland Mills. Many of the vendors go to multiple markets, so with the exception of only five, I have seen the rest.

I like our markets, even though they aren’t huge. They are producer only, and you can get a good assortment of veggies and fruits, bread, meat, coffee, cheese, baked goods, flowers and plants, by visiting them. Their prices are reasonable as well. I try to hit one of them each week, for the things I don’t get in the CSA. Our CSA is almost exclusively veggies, so I have lots of other goodies to buy at the markets. Things like bread from The Breadery.

The Breadery’s lemon rosemary loaf

And, flowers from Greenway Farms.


Plus, for me, eggs and meat are an important purchase. Currently, only TLV farm sells meat at our markets, and they sell eggs. Breezy willow also has eggs.

TLV smoked bacon

The markets aren’t my only source of farm fresh goodness. I have been going to England Acres regularly for chicken, eggs, dairy and cheese. When I am there, I do find other bargains like I did today. Peaches, roma tomatoes, gala apples, all $1 a pound. Check out the white peaches. Four peaches. They weighed 3.7 pounds total. One of them weighed a pound. The others just a bit under. One of these lovely peaches will be grilled Monday night, and served with balsamic.

huge white peaches

England Acres is fun, for families there is lots to do. Feed the chickens. Check out the goats. Today, you could pick corn, or dig potatoes. They are five miles west of Mt. Airy, so if you live in West County, they aren’t far at all. I take a cooler and buy meat and dairy. I also hand pick my eggs, still with hay on them, from the basket. This week I got all large eggs. I will be saving them for a week or so, to use for some deviled eggs.

fresh eggs from England Acres chickens

Besides England Acres, we also head out to Larriland when they have new UPick items. We have done blackberries. Blueberries. Strawberries. I will be heading out to get peaches and apples this week. In the fall I will harvest greens to blanch and freeze.

strawberry picking at Larriland

I haven’t made it to Gorman yet, but I hope to get there. For me, this time of year is awesome. All these wonderful good veggies and fruits there for us to enjoy. In the fall I also will go out to Sharp’s Farm for some specialty pumpkins and fall squash. TLV farms also allows you to pick your own pumpkins.

Don’t let the summer and fall get by without experiencing our local farmers. Hit a local farm stand, one where they grow it themselves. Come to the markets. Take the family out to a farm to see the animals and see food right out of the ground. The goats at England Acres would love to see them.