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Daily Archives: August 30, 2012

Make Mine #vawine

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Hashtags. Trending. Tweetups. Lots of new jargon to learn. When I started blogging and tweeting, I learned quite a bit about using social media. Today is Cabernet Day in the twitter world. So, people are tweeting about drinking Cabernet Sauvignon.

2005 Linden Avenius Red

83% Cabernet. One of the higher percentages of cabernet in a Linden Red. Only 47 cases produced. A massive wine. With mouth filling flavors, predominantly of cherries.

Dark, rich and not even ready to drink after seven years. Cabernet Sauvignon done right will last at least a decade. The best, two or three decades. We paired this wine with a beef dish.

Take Linden wines and add food. It is nirvana on a plate and in a glass. It is why we chose to collect local wines and cellar them. Sometimes they just amaze us.


Cardoons, Horned Melon and Soy! Oh My!

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Week 17 of the CSA. Three new and exciting items. Twelve goodies overall. The haul.

Sandy Spring CSA Week 17

The list.

1 Bunch Lacinato Kale
1 Bunch Cardoons
1 Stalk Edamame (soy beans)
1 Bag Orange Carrots
1 Huge Head of Bok Choy
A Three pound bag of Roma Tomatoes
2 leeks (I swapped cayenne peppers to get these)
1 Butternut Squash
1 African Horned Melon
1 Bag Gold Beets
1 Bunch Italian Parsley
1 Bag Shallots

The horned melon is weird. But, I will try anything once. Here is a picture from our weekly email, of one that is ripe and cut open. Ours isn’t ripe yet.

Horned Melon, Ripe and Cut Open

Cardoons are also new. I found a dozen Mario Batali recipes on the internet, to try. They look like they are related to artichokes. Should be interesting.


I am not even going to attempt to price this out. I have no idea what edamame, horned melon and cardoons cost, if you can find them. The beets, tomatoes and carrots, all organic, make the cost worth it. Stay tuned this week to see what I cook with this basket.