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Daily Archives: August 8, 2012

Making the Most of a Full Share CSA …

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… along with my large garden of tomatoes. How am I doing at using up a full CSA share and using my tomatoes? I have been in the kitchen quite a bit this summer.

Processed veggies and fruit

From left to right, there are refrigerator dill pickles, made from CSA and garden cucumbers. Rhubar-b-q sauce, made with CSA rhubarb a few weeks back. Blackberry puree, made with Larriland berries picked last week, which becomes blackberry vinaigrette every couple of nights. The first jar is gone already. The last of the parsley and pine nut pesto, made a few weeks ago also.

On the lower shelf is a container of oven roasted garden peach tomatoes. They were roasted for an hour at 300 degrees, with salt, pepper, sugar and olive oil, and were used in a risotto last night. These are the second half of the batch, which will become part of dinner this weekend.

Today I also made salsa to use my glut of pineapple tomatoes. Here are two of them. They ripened Sunday through Tuesday, too late for the fair.

Heirloom Pineapple Tomatoes

The large one weighed a pound and a half. I sliced them up. Let them drain and took out the seeds. Mixed them with sweet onion, cilantro, garlic paste, salt, pepper, key lime juice, jalapeno and chipotle Tabasco sauce.

Salsa before blending

The finished product is in the refrigerator waiting for dinner tonight. The rest of the tomatoes and the onion are being roasted in the oven and will become another freezer container of ingredients to be used in sauces this winter.

Pineapple tomato salsa

The best investment we made this year was the freezer. It is slowly filling up with fruits, veggies and pestos made with garlic scapes.

We have been pretty diligent about eating those items in the CSA that don’t freeze well, or in the case of getting a huge amount of potatoes, I took some of them to my mom’s last week.

Mixed organic potatoes from the CSA

Haven’t seen this week’s CSA list yet, but from the other sites it looks like there will be corn and tomatoes again this week. Now I need to get the canning equipment out. Come winter, I will be glad I did. I need to process the newest haul of little tomatoes before they get overripe. This is three days worth of my miniature tomatoes.

They will be oven dried and made into small bags for use in sauces and vinaigrettes. Can’t let these beauties go to waste.