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Grillin’ and Enjoying a Killer VA Wine

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Tonight we decided to grill using mostly local ingredients.

We wanted to try a killer wine from Virginia. This is a wine that will rival Bordeaux wines such as Pichon Lalande.

The year 2009 was one of those years where the weather cooperated in giving us big, flavorful wines worthy of cellaring. Linden had their barrel tasting the past two weekends and pre-released this 2009 Hardscrabble Vineyard cabernet dominant blend.

Dark, intense, a baby when compared to other wines. Here is an example of what winemakers are capable of producing in the Mid Atlantic region when it comes to wines. This wine won’t peak for at least ten years. It can be bought at a fraction of the cost of Bordeaux wines with less depth. It just overwhelms your palate. The filet, though, stood up to it..

The filets and the bacon were fron Boarman’s. The asparagus and potatoes from the Zahradka Farm CSA. A local dinner with a wine from the master. Jim Law has assisted countless aspiring winemakers, including Black Ankle winemaker Sarah O’Herron. He is one of those talented people who puts his heart and soul into his wines.

The year 2009 was a perfect year for making big wines in the mid Atlantic. This is the vintage to buy.

For a fraction of the cost of dinner in a restaurant, you can grill a steak and serve a killer wine. Trust me. We did dinner at Aida on Saturday. My grilled dinner with wine blew it away.

From start to finish, a simple grilled meal with an awesome wine can be had for half the cost of going out. In this area, we are blessed with wineries that produce excellent cabernets and chardonnays, at a fraction of the cost of French or California wines.

Check them out. Make a killer dinner yourself. Look at VA and MD for some big, cellar worthy reds.


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