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The Ellicott City Farmers Market.

grilling and EC market 020

Just a simple salad. Baugher’s strawberries. Breezy Willow arugula. Shepherd’s Manor Ewe Cream Cheese. What you can do after a quick walk up Main St. on a Saturday morning.

What would you pay for a salad of this freshness at a restaurant? Not the small amount necessary to make this one.

We bought a quart of strawberries (OK, two quarts). They were $5 a quart if you bought two. The cheese.

grilling and EC market 004

$7.50 at the market. Sheep’s milk cheese. To. die. for.

Arugula. $2 for 1/4 pound. We bought half a pound because I love it.

grilling and EC market 006

Breezy Willow’s organic veggies are awesome, to say the least.

We added a simple cream dressing. This was Newman’s creamy Caesar.

grilling and EC market 013

You could make at least six salads with what we bought. $16.50 total in cost. We are greatly enjoying the bounty from the market.

As for dinner that night.

grilling and EC market 014

I grilled those Lancaster Farm Fresh wings and served them with that rhubarb sauce.

And the wine. From the Wine Bin.

grilling and EC market 010

How great to have wine right next to the market. The better to complete your meal choices.

I could get used to finding Saturday dinners at this market.

grilling and EC market 023


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  1. that salad looks delicious!

  2. Loving the new & improved Main Street market Saturdays. I’ll keep my eye out for you!


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