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Daily Archives: June 19, 2014

Kohlrabi Squared

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Yep, both weekly sources of local, regional food gave us kohlrabi this week.

june19 food deliveries 074

Six of the little “sputniks”. One of the stranger vegetables we see. But, what flavor. I like it as a slaw ingredient. I like it sliced thinly and eaten raw.

I really like my Indian inspired recipe. Yum, garam masala and apple. What could be better?

Tomorrow I will do the post about what we got this week, but right now, I want to talk about challenging ourselves. Cooking outside our comfort zone.

Keeping that kohlrabi out of the swap box.

To me, the real joy of community supported agriculture and regional food buying “cooperatives”, somewhat like our Friends and Farms subscription, is the surprise factor. The impetus to try something new.

Now, in my fourth summer, nothing much really surprises us. We are veterans of the “Say What?” club. And, we have expanded our cooking skills in directions we never imagined.

As for these kohlrabi, I will make a slaw. I will grill some. I might braise one or two.