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Daily Archives: June 18, 2014

The Garden Update

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The heat of summer is making the gardens grow. Last weekend I noted big differences in the size of my plants, and my harvest has expanded.fathers day weekend 015

So far I have harvested 76 green onions, or scallions. From the white onions and the yellow onions in the plot. I also harvested about a dozen baby leeks. What is left now will be allowed to grow to maturity and harvesting later this summer.

I did notice a few of my onions had flowered. I snipped the flowers off and hope the onions won’t be affected.

As for tomatoes.

fathers day weekend 023

These are the early girl variety. This plant has four. The other plant has three. Besides these, the supersweet 100s have small tomatoes on them. Maybe I will have tomatoes by the first of July.

fathers day weekend 027

Zucchini blossoms. On all the plants, and a couple very tiny zucchini on two of them. The cucumbers are starting also. I have maybe a half dozen tiny cukes forming.

I also harvested my first sweet banana peppers. Four of them to date.

Everything else looks healthy these days. Tomorrow I need to go and water them early, and see if I might have my first small zucchini to take home.

The chard and kale are slowing down, but still producing.

farm fresh 010

I have harvested pounds of them and given at least a pound to the Food Bank when they have been collecting on Tuesday mornings.

Can’t wait for tomato season!