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Release Party at RdV

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What a picture perfect day!

fall release rdv 039

RdV Vineyards held their 2010 release party for their “ambassadors” today. A little different than a case club. You can become an ambassador by subscribing to buying at least a 3-pack of their vintage red blends, yearly.

According to their staff, there are at least 700 ambassadors. 300 or more of them came down today to pick up the new release, and to savor tasty tapas prepared by Jaleo.

fall release rdv 018

Figs and Serrano. Wedges of Manchego. A classic tortilla. Marcona almonds. Bowls of olives. All complimenting a big beautiful 2010 vintage. They were pouring Rendezvous. If you wanted Lost Mountain, you could buy a bottle, but no tastes of that today.

fall release rdv 021

These wines are luscious. There are no other words for them. You can not believe they come from Virginia. Seriously. Big, bold, beautiful, and this isn’t even their flagship blend. Worth every penny to buy a few.

They only made 500 cases of Lost Mountain and 1000 of Rendezvous. The roughly 700 ambassadors will make a large dent in that. The rest will make its way mostly into restaurants around DC.

Add to that, what they use in their winery events, and it will mean again that they sell out of most of their wines.

Today was even more interesting as they were sorting grapes below us, while we were up in the lobby having our party.

fall release rdv 026

Rutger was working most of the day. He did pop in, but you could see him out with his picking team as they were bringing in grapes, taking advantage of this lovely weather.

If you love big, classic Bordeaux styled wines, these are exquisite.

fall release rdv 054

Debating whose birthday will be the occasion to pop open this bottle.

fall release rdv 038

Nothing like ripe red grapes, heavy on the vines, to make our Saturday special. If you love good wine, take the time to make an appointment and visit. Only 2 hours by the back roads, and about an hour and a half using I-66. You would think you went to France.


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