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Daily Archives: February 20, 2012

What’s a Volunteer Naturalist?

And, why do I love to be one? The Howard County Conservancy put out their call for volunteers to receive training to lead elementary and middle/secondary field trip hikes on the conservancy property.

The training is in March. Four days, three hours each. Thursdays or Tuesdays, depending on which programs you are interesting in leading. There are about 40-50 registered volunteers currently, but the Conservancy keeps expanding their offerings and any interested people are welcome to come and be trained.

Two years ago, 3000 students participated in the field trips. Last year it was 5000 visits. Some schools come fall and spring, while others pick one program yearly.

The grounds are lovely and spending a few hours at least three times a semester is an easy commitment. Some of us volunteer at least once a week. I have been known to sign up for as many kindergarten and first grade trips as possible. New volunteers also shadow us until they feel ready to lead on their own.

I love the program and the spring is my favorite. The kindergartners come in the spring to do “I Spy Nature”. We take them around to see the animals and to smell and touch the herbs and flowers, and they have a great introduction to nature. Including the resident owl, Ranger.

What are you waiting for? Come out and enjoy the sights and sounds on the farm and watch children become enthralled with bugs and chickens and goats and birds. It is truly a wonderful opportunity to give time and get so much in return. Call 410-465-8877 if you want to know more.