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Daily Archives: February 3, 2012

The Joys of Retirement – Day Trips

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Today we had one of those days where we just went where we wanted and sampled local goodies, and found new places to visit. We had some errands to run in Columbia, and then I wanted to get to Atwater’s to buy bread.

I have never eaten in a “Triple D” dive. Now, I can say I have and it was awesome. R&R Taqueria in Jessup (why they call it Elkridge is beyond me, it is in Jessup) serves the most amazing tacos al pastor. Even worth eating them in the car before continuing our errands. They are just like what we found in Mexico, and Rodrigo the owner is really a great person. They originally gave our tacos to someone else, the place was mobbed at 1130 on a Friday morning, and made it up quickly. I love the corn tortillas. The spices were done right. We have to go back and try the posole to see if it passes my test, a coworker who lived in Albuquerque makes the best posole I have tasted outside of Mexico.

We then popped down to Catonsville to get bread, before heading up to H Mart. What a place! Heaven if you want international flavors, or fish like you have never seen. We will be back, including a visit to try the Korean fried chicken recommended by HowChow.

We haven’t been on the side roads in Howard County and Catonsville in ages. We found The Breadery in Oella. And Treuth Butchers right down the road. Both are locally owned and are worth the trip.

It is easy around here to find locally made goodies. Ignore the big box stores and chain restaurants and keep locals in business, that is our goal.

Here is an earlier picture of Atwater’s bread and cake. Today we picked up rosemary bread and a sourdough loaf to freeze for later.