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Daily Archives: February 12, 2012

Just Add Water …

… and once it dips below freezing, the parade of birds finds their way to our feeders and heated bird bath.

I looked out this morning in the sub freezing temps and found that my bluebirds were back and papa was on the bird bath. As I grabbed my camera, a new visitor never seen in our yard came along with friends. Papa bluebird wasn’t impressed.

After establishing himself as king of the bird bath, he proceeded to drink and leave. In the meantime, the cedar waxwings hung out in the burning bush next to the bird bath, the local bird hangout off my patio.

Once the coast was clear, they started in.

This was now their spa, with nice warm fresh water right next to an entire row of trees with berries, and coniferous trees for cover. Hopefully, they will hang around like the bluebirds are.

I was told repeatedly that water is the most important thing you can provide birds in the winter, particularly when the temps hit the teens. Today is a busy day off our patio. One more picture — take offs and landings anyone?