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Daily Archives: January 19, 2012

And Then There Were Bluebirds

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The bluebirds have been around, I know, but we rarely see them. Those who told me that having a heated bird bath would increase the numbers and types of visitors were certainly correct.

I haven’t seen two of them here for almost a year and a half. Mama and papa came in for a drink this morning, flitted back and forth more than once, and then wandered off down to the meadow. We moved here in January seven years ago, and have always been amazed at the variety of birds, bees, and the richness of the soil, giving us lots of worms and bugs. Sometimes the grass is blanketed in robins pulling worms out of the ground.

We are indeed lucky to have found this little haven not far from the city, yet peaceful.

One more shot of mama on her way out to feed. If you want lots of visitors, invest in a bladder with a thermostat that keeps the water from freezing.