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Daily Archives: January 9, 2012

Winter CSA Week Two

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I am getting used to having someone drop food on my front porch. I like the delivery aspect of this CSA, even though winter food choices get a little boring, so to speak. Still, the meat choices are interesting, and I get eggs every other week.

This week I chose:
French Breakfast Radishes
Sweet Potatoes
Large Spanish Onion
Broccoli crowns
Grapefruit (the citrus comes up from a farm in Florida, not local but really appreciated)

The meat this week was a heavy pound of Italian style beef sausages. I promptly used them in my Dark Days meal on Sunday, which I will post soon.

I like getting the smaller 6 item share. I alternate what I get week to week. If I had the 10 item share, it could get a bit boring in the winter without many choices of fresh produce available.

The beef sausage are Pleasantville Beef, in Forest Hill MD. Angus beef.