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Daily Archives: January 21, 2012

The Silver Spring Winter Market

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I am so grateful to the farmers and artisans that support the Silver Spring Saturday year round market, particularly in weather like this. It snowed last night. Then it turned to freezing rain. I was tempted to skip the market and hit the store tomorrow or Monday but plans changed.

My husband had to teach this morning. Then he forgot a connector, so called me. Since I now had to drive all the way down to Columbia, I figured I might as well keep going and hit the market at 11 AM. I am pleased to report that I had to stand in lines at two of the vendors, as I wasn’t the only brave soul out there freezing my little fingers and toes.

I bought from at least five vendors.

Here is my haul of goodies.

I found olive bread and Dark and Stormy cake at Atwater’s bakery; baking apples and tomato sauce at Quaker Valley; carrots, chard and ramp mustard at Spring Valley; baby turnips at a new vendor; chorizo at Evensong; and heirloom cherry tomatoes, arugula and a lovely bibb lettuce at Mock’s Greenhouse.

Mock’s Greenhouse in Berkeley Springs WV keeps adding greenhouses and expanding what they sell. Their cherry tomatoes still have an incredible sweetness that you usually only find in the summer tomatoes.

The market is open 10 am until 1 pm in the winter. There were at least ten vendors there today, with a few missing probably because of the treacherous roads. I did miss the presence of Blue Ridge Dairy, Firefly Farm Cheese and Groff’s Content who sells lamb. Hope they are back soon.