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Daily Archives: January 11, 2012

At the Most Elementary Level …

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…knowing where our food comes from.

As a volunteer naturalist at the Howard County Conservancy, I have been lucky to meet and interact with some incredibly talented knowledgeable scientists as well as some amazing individuals passionate about the land and our future.

Next week a presentation of Dirt: The Movie will take place on Thursday night. Additionally, nationally known soil scientist Patrick Drohan will be on hand to introduce the film and lead the audience discussion that follows. Dr. Drohan was instrumental in the creation and design of the Smithsonian’s exhibit on soil, the most ambitious exhibition ever dedicated to soil.

The Conservancy website has all the details.

I have learned so much by attending events and walks at this preserved farm just north of the city of Columbia. This program promises to add more to my knowledge that will help me in making my little farmette more productive, by taking care of the soil.

In my retirement, I vowed to continue to learn and explore, and to give my time to endeavors that I believe to be valuable. It is the middle of winter here, and I don’t intend to hibernate. Hope to see others attend.