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Daily Archives: March 19, 2014

Seed Starting

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My DIY seed starting project.


Using egg cartons. And potting mix. In a carry around Larriland container so I can move it from east to west during the day.

I planted my seeds on the 15th of March. Today, we have sprouts.


The arugula is coming up. Soon, I will need to thin them. The scarlet emperor beans were just starting to germinate, and I had to add more potting mix to that section to keep them covered.

I also have cardoons, kale and purple tomatillos in there. When I get a few more containers, I will be starting some herbs.


We have our community garden meeting next weekend. And, we received the lists from Sharp’s Farm, who sells us “plugs”, really tiny seedlings to transplant. This is where I will get my heirloom tomatoes, my peppers, and a few exotics. I am thinking about horseradish root and rhubarb. And strawberries. The possibilities when you have more space, deer fenced and sunny, are making me anticipate spring even more.


Here’s to seed selecting and planting.