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Daily Archives: March 8, 2014

How Does Your Garden Grow?

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Thoughts of springtime? Gardens. Plants. Herbs. Today’s high temperatures brought those thoughts to the forefront.

tomato garden planting 011

In the past, I used my 300 square foot deer fenced plot for my heirlooms and a few other plants. I have given up. The trees are way too tall, and I get less than six hours of direct sun on the garden.

My options were: the center of the front yard. Not a good place for a deer fence. Or: the meadow. Which required lots of excavation, and soil conditioning. And, 400 feet from the house.

My solution for my sunny tomato garden!


A full plot in the Howard County Conservancy community garden. Deer fenced. Easy access to water. Really lovely soil. All sorts of possibilities in an area twice the size of my small fenced plot.

As a retired person, I realize that I need to connect with others. This plot gives me a new social network. And a really great exercise option.

There will be lots of heirloom tomatoes this year. And finally. Enough sun to grow peppers.

Check out the Conservancy gardens if you want to try one. I hear there are a few left.