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Daily Archives: March 30, 2014

Farm Kitchen Soup

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The weather turned wet and blustery today so we wanted soup for lunch.


Soup made from whatever I had hanging around in the kitchen. A leftover chicken thigh with rice. Some corn, green beans and chicken stock from the freezer. The last handful of sugar snap peas.

It reminds me of the stories we shared with some other volunteers out at the Conservancy. Where there was always a pot of soup hanging above the fireplace by a hook, in the farm kitchen. Leftovers from the family style dinners got dumped in the pot. There was always hot soup for the farm hands and the family when they came in from working.

This soup turned out to be very good. No recipes. No measuring. Just a slow simmer.

After all, around here, winter won’t go away, it seems. It poured all day today with rain, then turned to snow.


This afternoon, a river in the yard.

This evening. So far, close to two inches of snow on the ground, with a possibility of more.

Days like this, being able to make a hearty tasty soup is a skill I am glad I developed.

Don’t give up on leftovers. Freeze little bags of veggies, and make extra rice and freeze it. Plus, freeze lots of pint and quart jars of chicken stock.

Reminds me of what all those resourceful farmers did. Oh, and I need to defrost and roast a chicken this week, and “stock” up on my stock.