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Daily Archives: November 5, 2013

Market Futures

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Farmers Markets, that is. I recently read an article in the Baltimore Sun that included the information about the future of two of the Howard County farmers markets.

Glenwood, and East Columbia. It seems the board may close these two markets next year.

Columbia has three markets. Thursdays in East Columbia. Fridays at the hospital and Sundays in Oakland Mills. The Thursday market does the worst business of the three in Columbia.

As for the Saturday market (our nearest market in Glenwood at the library), it never has been as popular as the others. The rural area has less people, and many of us have gardens.

There are lots of other sources for fresh veggies, too. Like the farms in the area.

picking berries and peaches 017

I wondered last year if there were too many markets. Dilution of the customer base, as I believe the markets aren’t attracting new customers, just spreading out the current ones.

For us, if Glenwood is closed, we would just use the hospital market for fresh eggs, meats, breads and fruit.

Saturday is a great day for a market. If you could vote for where to move Saturday’s market, where would you put it? Elkridge? Maple Lawn?