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Daily Archives: November 24, 2013

Thanksgiving Wine Throwdown

MD versus VA. In the battle to be chosen for Thanksgiving dinner this year.

Mostly, in past years, we have relied on Linden for Thanksgiving wine. Either the Vidal Reisling or the Rose.

This year, there is a new kid in town.


Big Cork. With two wines in the running. Traminette and Vidal. Although I think the Traminette is the best turkey wine.


Being a locavore, and a locapour, I love using products from not far away to make for celebrations.

Like taking Stone House rolls to my brother’s, and also making Maple Lawn turkey at our house, so we can savor the holiday an extra day.

This year, I think MD wins the competition, and Traminette will go with us to Annapolis.

But, for our turkey, later this weekend, I may pull out one of those lovely Ankida Ridge Pinot Noirs, another good “turkey” wine.

As for Linden, they will be paired with lots of dinners in the next few weeks. They never go out of favor at our place.

For Thanksgiving, if you can’t find the Traminette, look for Elk Run’s Gewurztraminer. It is available in many local stores.

Put MD on the table for your Thanksgiving feast.